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The Total Dog Network LLC is a “non facility” based in home professional pet services group. We provide professional dog walking and pet sitting services as well as socialization and exercise “camps” in the towns outlined in our service area section. Consideration may be given to prospective clients who reside outside our service area on a case by case basis.The Total Dog Network LLC is not a “kennel”, “boarding facility”, or “groomer.” If you are seeking a service not offered by our network we would be happy to assist you in finding a provider. You may contact our corporate headquarters for information on providers in your area. Any dog being transported for any purpose by a total dog team member must wear his rabies tag as well as a license from the town in which it resides...Additionally a valid health certificate must be on file with total dog to comply with state law. Total Dog is both bonded and insured to give you the security you need.


The Total Dog Network LLC is made up of a group of Pet Care Professionals who subscribe to the principles and commitment of our Founder, Dan Lindenthal. Each Team member brings his or her own experience and philosophy to us with the overriding goal of providing an unparalleled service to our clients and giving a level of service that is impossible to provide by any individual. Most, but not all, of our Team members have a very strong background in the hospitality industry and that has given us the foundation to offer a service with the clients’ needs as the priority. Even more important is that we have all chosen to devote ourselves fulltime to the care of animals. The combination has proven to be one that works and we feel that together, we can provide you and your four legged family members with something special. As a sign of the commitment our Team has towards animals, you can see that all of us are active in serving  less fortunate animals on many levels.whether it be volunteering in a local shelter, the facilitation of homeless animals or making substantial financial donations to organizations dedicated to animal welfare.


Dan Lindenthal, Total Dog owner, has a passion for dogs, having devoted many years to assisting friends and family with the care of their pets. In addition, he has dedicated much of his time to finding suitable homes for abandoned dogs in concert with various animal rescue organizations. As a distributor of Life's Abundance pet products, Dan makes regular contributions to animal shelters throughout Fairfield County.


Dan began Total Dog as a means to permit dog owners to maintain their regular, often hectic, schedules without the need to compromise consistent quality care for their pets.


Through Total Dog, now every owner can have the assistance when necessary to assure their dog of the best nutrition, care and exercise.


Dan has a soft spot for the perceived “aggressive breeds,” such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler and German Shepherd. He found his first American Pit Bull Terrier, whom he affectionately named “Pee Wee”, on the streets and nurtured him back to health from injuries inflicted by a previous owner. Pee Wee passed away in 2005 at the tender age of 12 and Dan dedicates this website and the Total Dog organization to the beloved memory of Pee Wee.


To Dan, Total Dog is not just a business, it’s a personal commitment to providing the very best in personalized care to our four legged residents of Fairfield County, CT & Westchester County, NY.